Super-excited to be part of – brainchild of I’ve begun working on my composition, which aims to embody the architecture, the space and the people within the ancient and venerable

I recorded the StBarts the Great choir rehearsing in the church, inc plain-song, a mass and a motet. I’ve been clipping out fragments and magicking them to gradually build a bespoke concrete library, which will act as a starting point for my new composition.
Here’s the tech bit: B-format impulse responses are being generated for each space included in the project (all the locations are located on the newly designated cultural mile from Barbican to Farringdon). Essentially this means that sound is bounced off the walls then analysed so that each architecture is typified in terms of a kind of unique sound signature. The artists are then encouraged to incorporate this signature into their compositions. When people visit the specific locations, they’ll be able to listen on their smartphone or ipad to the pieces that were created especially for the various locations.

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